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To apply for this job: Please schedule an initial interview with Keith Lanser at In the email, please include your resume and cover letter.

The University of Cincinnati, in partnership with Civic Influencers, is recuriting Civic Influencers Fellows for the fall term, which runs from August 29, 2022- December 16, 2022. All Civic Influencers have the opportunity to enroll in multiple terms and are strongly encouraged to do so. Multi-term candidates and Civic Influencers will be given priority advancement opportunities on successful completion of each term.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Participate in our National Civic Influencers Orientation. 
  • Support Civic Influencers through video testimonials and stories about why civic engagement is important.
  • Participate in monthly state-specific trainings, a national Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and other trainings as determined.
  • Support Civic Influencers by participating in Civic Influencers Action Days either by signal boosting or creating unique engagements for your community or campus.
  • Create a Civic Influencers Action Plan in conjunction with your Statewide Organizer(s) for how you will organize in your community and on campus, which includes the following: 
  • A minimum of three (3) activities to strengthen and protect youth voting rights; 
  • A systemic change project; 
  • A data-driven survey project that reports on current youth voting barriers and other democracy issues either in your community or on campus;  
  • A record of your activities in the Civic Influencers internal Activity Tracker; and
  • Complete Tableau’s Data Literacy for All eLearning track composed of 7 modules (~5 hours of training) completed at your own pace (this completes the Bronze-level training).
  • Schedule and consistently meet with your assigned State Organizer(s) via biweekly check-ins to troubleshoot your Civic Influencers Action Plan and receive additional support. 
  • Collaborate and partner with other Civic Influencers locally and/or nationwide, community partners, on-campus student organizations, administrators, and faculty members to complete aforementioned activities and at least one (1) systemic change project. 
  • Complete Civic Influencers Final Report. 

  1. A minimum of three (3) democratic and voting engagement activities on campus and/or in the surrounding community throughout each term. These activities must take place before the last two weeks at the end of each term. 
  2. One (1) systemic change project that leads to long-term change is also required each term, though could be spread over several terms. 
  3. Civic Influencers will participate in data training to understand how advocacy and community change can be driven and recognized by the use of data. Tableau Bronze-level training and resources will be provided. Civic Influencers will complete Tableau’s Data Literacy for All eLearning track composed of 7 modules (5+ hours of training) completed at your own pace (this completes the Bronze-level training).
  4. For an additional stipend, Civic Influencers may complete advanced data training in partnership with Tableau. Civic Influencers will complete Tableau’s Silver-level Consumer Pathway (7 modules + assessment) and Tableau’s Gold-level Pathway of your choice. (Upon completion of these training sessions, an additional $250 stipend will be awarded. Civic Influencers can only earn this $250 stipend once.)
  5. Participate in a data-driven survey project that reports on current youth voting barriers and other democracy issues either in your community or on campus. 

Stipends: $500 leadership stipend per term. Civic Influencers will have the opportunity to earn an additional $250 stipend for completion of a Gold-level Tableau Data Badge training. 

Additional Program takeaways: Opportunity for growth and additional stipends • National and local networks • Coaching and mentoring from renowned experts • Social media & digital engagement training • Organizing and campaign training • Media opportunities and training • Data analysis and visualization training • Public speaking and publishing opportunities and more.

We are looking for students who are currently enrolled in college, in particular, we strongly encourage the candidates who identify as the following to apply: 
BIYoC (Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color) • STEM majors • Creatives • Artists • Non-English first language speakers • First-generation • LGBTQ+ • Neurodiverse • People with disabilities 

As well as students who have been directly impacted or their family/friends have been impacted, and are passionate about addressing the following issues: 
COVID • Economic hardship/unemployment • Student debt • Police violence • Racial injustice • Access to inclusive and quality health care • Climate change • Food/housing insecurity • Gun violence 

Required education: Current UC student pursuing undergraduate degree.

Reflection Course Policy:
Student’s successful completion of the On-Campus Co-op Program involves enrollment in the COOP 1000 On-Campus Coop Professional Development & Reflection course*, led by Experience-Based Learning and Career Education (ELCE) faculty. The course provides academic-based reflection and course assignments to guide the student in reflection and integration of coursework and skill development. 1 credit hour, (0 credit option for students enrolled in >12 or <18 credit hours).
*Students who are federal work-study eligible within the On-Campus Co-op Program are not required to enroll in the course to be eligible to receive compensation from the Federal Work-Study program. However, a student’s enrollment in the course is integral as an element of the On-Campus Co-op Program. The student will be compensated either from departmental funds or the Federal Work-Study program while they complete their on-campus co-op.